Otorig Ear Drops

Otorig with Ozoile prevents and treats inflammatory, bacterial, fungal and hearing aid otitis. It acts on eczema, dermatitis and keratosis of the auditory canal. Otorig Drops, for Inflamed Ear, optimizes the earwax cap dissolution and facilitates its removal.

  • Otorig Drops does not contain cortisone.
  • Prevents and treats inflammation, infections and injuries to the external ear canal.


Otorig drops for otitis anesthetizes pain and refreshes with immediate relief from the heat because Ozoile combines with Menthol, active ingredient of mint, anallergic and pure. Acute and chronic otitis, itching, pain and ear inflammation, earwax cap, otomycosis, hemorrhagic bollosic myringitis, eczema of the external ear canal, discomfort from hearing aids. Otorig drops is an effective alternative to topical cortisones and antibiotics. It is suitable for children and adults.

Stable Ozonides with vitamin E, menthol, tea tree oil.

Adults: 3-4 drops twice a day.

Children: 1-2 drops twice a day.


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