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CAZACOR TRADING LTD (Reg. No 33901) was established in December 1988 by Kyriacos Kousoulides, PhD Biology. The aim of the company was to import and promote medical and cosmetic products as well as food supplements in the Cyprus market .
CAZACOR TRADING LTD is a member of the Society of medical importers of Cyprus and recognized by the Pharmaceutical Services of the Ministry of Health of Cyprus.
Dr Kyriacos Kousoulides had worked for 12 years (1977 – 1989) as a medical representative for the multinational pharmaceutical manufacturer SQUIBB AEBE (currently renamed to BRISTOL MEYERS SQUIBB). In 1990 SQUIBB AEBE became the first company to be represented by CAZACOR TRADING LTD. In the following years CAZACOR TRADING LTD initiated successful collaborations with EGO PHARMACEUTICALS PTY LTD from Australia, BIO – STRATH A.G. from Switzerland, GRICAR INDUSTRIA from Italy and EVERMIA LTD from Greece. To this day, CAZACOR TRADING LTD remains the exclusive distributor of these companies.

Meet Our Team

Kyriacos Kousoulides
Kyriacos KousoulidesPhD Biology - Managing Director
Maria Kousoulidou
Maria KousoulidouBA - Marketing & Sales Director
Ludmila Kousoulidou
Ludmila KousoulidouPhD Biology - Scientific Assistant
Evangelia Matsangou
Evangelia MatsangouStock keeper and delivery
Evi Chira
Evi Chira BSc Biomedical Science - Medical Representative
Valentinos Kallasidis
Valentinos KallasidisMSc Medical Genetics - Medical Representative
Kaiti Syrimi
Kaiti SyrimiPharmaceutical Representative