Propolis Nasal Spray

Propolis nasal spray is a practical solution to be sprayed when you have a feeling of blocked nose caused by cold.
Propolis disinfects the nasal mucous, while blackcurrant and eucalyptus promote a decongestive action in the mucous, so as to clear the respiratory tract and improve breathing. The substances are also carried in an isotonic solution that particularly suits rhino application. 
The propolis extract is obtained via certified MAEF technique, where MAEF means high-efficiency soaking. This extraction technique allows a more concentrated, hence more active, propolis to be obtained (41 mg/ml instead of 24 mg/ml as via the traditional process).
With the MAEFTM technique, crude propolis undergoes a high-efficiency soaking process during which the pure propolis extract is enriched and concentrated in active substances

Recommended for:

Decongest the upper respiratory tract. Relieve any feeling of blocked nose.

Sizes Available:

15 ml



Use the practical spray applicator to spray once or twice each time by simultaneously breathing in from your nose

Iisotonic solution, dogrose, blackcurrant bud, hydro-alcoholic propolis extract, eucalyptus e.o. and caraway e.o.


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