Tymobron Tuss

Tymobron Tuss

is a food supplement of vegetal extract of Drosera, Thyme, Balsam tolu tree, Marsh mallow, Liquorice, Black currant and essential oils. It helps during the cold season. Vegetal extracts have been selected for their balsamic properties and as a valid help for the throat and the upper airways. The product is 100% natural.

Recommended for:

For an effective and wholesome action on throat. Expectorant and mucolytic

Sizes Available:
150 ml



1 spoon twice a day, undiluted or dissolved in a small amount of liquid. Dosage can increase up to three spoons.

honey, thyme f.e., sundew f.e., Tolu balsam, marsh-marrow root f.e., liquorice, f.e., black currant buds m.g., essential eucalyptus oil, essential lemon oil


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