Tymobron Tuss junior

Tymobron Tuss junior is a balsamic syrup useful for the upper airways. Vegetal extracts of Thyme, Marsh mallow, Drosera give an efficacious balsamic and emollient action. Its composition, enriched with honey and essential oil of Orange, makes the product efficacious and its taste pleasant to the children.

Recommended for:
For a powerful wholesome action on your throat Expectorant and mucolytic

Sizes Available:
150 ml



1 spoon twice a day, undiluted or dissolved in a small amount of liquid, possibly warm (water, milk, tea or herbal teas). In case of need, increase the dosage up to three spoons.

Honey, marsh-marrow root f.e., thyme f.e. , sundew, essential orange oil.


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