It is a labial orthodermic cream to be used according to necessity to restore the physiological conditions and functions of the labial tissue. Hence, it is an effective aid to protect sensitive skins that are exposed to various attacks by weather agents, special foodstuff, self-provoked exfoliation by rubbing and various infections such as herpes and chelites. Sinevir is not a drug. it is based on natural ingredients which, in the concentrations used, do not produce contraindications or side effects

Recommended for:

Treatment of herpes Treatment of chelites Treatment of irritations due to the use of special products or foodstuff


10 ml



Apply to clean lips and to the affected area 3-4 times a day, then massage gently.

Uncaria tomentosa, Aloe vera, mimosa tenuiflora, malaleuca alternifolia essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, grapefruit seeds, Rosa Mosqueta oil, wild thyme essential oil.


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