Basic principles
In terms of nutrition, humans are reliant on sufficient quantities of the nutrients in food being taken up by the intestine.
This applies in particular to micronutrients: vitamins, minerals and trace elements are important for us because a deficiency
results in disease. It is well known that a lack of iron causes anaemia. Too little zinc adversely affects the immune system and
a magnesium deficiency results in muscle cramps and loss of vitality. Fourteen days without an adequate intake of vitamin B1
reduces our stores by a half and problems may develop with the nerves.
A previous study (Leffler 2000) showed that taking Strath® Original can correct low levels of iron and hence of haemoglobin in
pregnant women without the need for additional iron preparations. A laboratory study using an intestinal model was undertaken
in order to strengthen these findings and support them with further scientific evidence.
Hypothesis: All nutrients are broken down in human bodies by enzymes. Only in this way can they be taken up by the intestines.
For vital substances, it is the ionic form, in particular, and the essential combination with organic molecules (carriers) that
have a decisive influence on bioavailability. Strath® Original tablets and Strath® Original liquid provide the organic molecules
capable of binding that are necessary to ensure active and optimal absorption of the minerals and vitamins.

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